eSports and reality TV are two of society’s greatest entertainment pleasures. Put the two together and you’ve got a recipe for undeniable entertainment goodness. That’s what the creators of “The Next Gamer” are hoping, at least.

Streamed on YouTube, the Australian show aims to find the next League of Legends (LoL) star. Starting with 40 contestants, one winner will ultimately be crowned and receive AU$10,000 in prize money (about $8000 US). They will also receive a six-month contract with a professional LoL team.

Applications for the show were up and running, but as of the time of this article they have been taken down.

Prior to anointing a winner, the initial 40 will compete for one of 10 spots in a Sydney house (it’s not a reality show without a house, let’s be honest). One can only hope we’ll see some Jersey Shore-type drama from these gamers.

The final 10 will compete in various “mental and physical tasks,” possibly even outside of gaming. Following five eliminations the final group will face off against an Oceanic Pro League team. Chances are that won’t be easy, but the gamer who best holds their own will walk away as the winner.

LoL isn’t the first game to receive its own reality show. In November of last year it was announced that a show based on Halo 5 would be on its way.

Move over Kim K., it’s time for gamers to take over as reality kings & queens.

posted on 08/01/2017 by Logan Bradley
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