Over the last few years, the WWE has done an awesome job of spotlighting the talented women on their roster, both in and out of the ring. The ladies have taken center stage on E’s Total Divas, Raw and Smackdown and now to video games as well.

The latest example of WWE fully getting behind the sports entertainment women’s movement comes in the form of the mega popular mobile game, WWE Supercard. Supercard is a collectible card game that has drawn both hardcore and pedestrian fans to spend hours per week battling each other to get the best cards on their Android and iOS devices.

The recently released WWE Supercard Season 4 brought a lot of changes that impact day-to-day play for gamers including, more than 250 new cards, updated arenas for play, brand new animations, shorter match times, more rewards (even if you lose) and a rotating player-vs.-player game mode.

The last one is what got us excited about Season 4. Now players will compete in a 30-person league that rotates between War, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber modes. Anyone who has ever watched wrestling should be familiar with these types of matches, so we won’t dive too deep into the semantics. One thing you should know is, that for the first time ever, Supercard features an all-woman mode!


That’s right, when Elimination Chamber rolls around, all competing Supercard players can battle it out with the likes of Bailey, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and more. The Elimination Chamber is also unique in how it is played out. Players use a 10-card deck to draw six cards per game. You can choose between two cards per match, one is facing up and one down. Choose one to play and others go in the discard pile. Users play through cards until one player’s deck is eliminated. The matches naturally take place inside a cage. EC is also the first mode to have three stat matches (each WWE Superstar card has a rating for Power, Charisma, Speed and Toughness, which determines wins and losses).

Even if card games are not your thing, it is easy to get caught up in Supercard. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and fun game that doesn’t require a ton of wrestling or gaming knowledge. If you’re a newbie like me, give it a shot. And for the OG players who have been collecting cards since the game debuted in 2014, you’re in luck, you won’t have to start over like the rest of us jabronis. Teams have carried over in Season 4 and so have the credits and cards you’ve accumulated.

It is phenomenal to see WWE, Cat Daddy and 2K pushing the WWE women Superstars to the forefront on a virtual level. At this rate, who knows, maybe next year we will see one of the ladies on the cover of WWE 2K19.

posted on 11/19/2017 by branden peters
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