The NBA Draft takes place Thursday night, with a high level of anticipation and excitement towards this draft class. It is regarded as one of the best classes in recent memory. The consensus belief is that point guard Markelle Fultz from Washington will be the first overall pick, followed by UCLA’s Lonzo Ball. The Draft is an event where young players see their dreams come to fruition. Most of these young men have been playing basketball since before they can remember, with

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hopes of one day making this game a profession. This “Welcome to the NBA” playlist captures all the emotions of draft night. It speaks on perseverance, overcoming obstacles and shortcomings, as well as receiving the recognition and adulation that you worked so hard for. NBA draftees don’t have walk-up songs for when they are selected like their NFL counterparts, but these songs are sure to resonate with them, and may even be in the back of their minds when their names are called.


PRODAY – “Welcome to the NBA”



posted on 06/19/2017 by Daniel Oyefusi
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