A therapy session, a date, golf, an apology, and a game night that ends in tears… what more could you want from this week’s WAGS LA episode? Let’s dive right into the drama from last night! (19)

After confiding in Nicole and Olivia at brunch, Barbie realizes that she can’t deal with her relationship issues with her husband, Sheldon Souray, on her own. This week, she seeks out a therapist who can help her find a good balance between her social life and her personal life. As Barbie explains to her therapist, her relationship has changed dramatically in the year since her and Sheldon got married. Sheldon’s retirement from the NHL and the addition of Barbie’s step-daughter has left little time for Barbie to adjust to her new lifestyle. The therapist helps Barbie sort out her feelings, and hopefully, we will see Barbie become more comfortable with married life as this season continues. (20)

Newly-single Natalie has gotten back out on the dating scene! This week, we see her out on a date with one of her IG followers, a model named Aygemang. They hit up a sports bar with a ping pong table so Natalie can assess his game. The heated competition ends with a kiss and a promise for a second date, so we’ll see where this one goes in the coming weeks! (21)

Meanwhile, Autumn and Michelle get together for a golf date with their husbands. Since Autumn and Michelle are horrible at golf, they chat together on the course about a potential game night party with the rest of the girls. Although Michelle is hesitant to get back together with the whole crew, Autumn thinks this would be a good chance to have some fun as a group.

Game night rolls around, and the ladies are ready to compete! In the first game, the girls have to answer questions with cards saying “Yaaaaasssss” or “Oh Hell to the Naw.” Everyone is laughing and having fun, until Autumn asks “Do you hate Natalie and Olivia?” Michelle responds with her “Yaaaasss” card, and the fights break out. Michelle apologizes for judging the cousins so quickly, but Amber isn’t going to let this conversation drop. She fills Natalie and Olivia in on the offensive rumors that she’s heard about them, and Natalie and Olivia jump in to defend themselves. The night ends in tears as Natalie and Olivia explain how hard they’ve worked to get themselves into the position they’re in and admonish the other women for trying to take away their success. (22)

The drama continues next week on WAGS as Nicole convinces Larry to wear a wedding ring and the women sort out their issues among each other before Nicole and Larry’s big day!   

posted on 11/27/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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