This week on WAGS Miami, it is time for Ashley’s bachelorette party! Everyone is excited – except Claudia – who isn’t invited. Darnell and Ashley break the news to Claudia while the rest of the WAGS crew is hanging out on Darnell’s rooftop to kick off this episode.

Claudia eventually realizes that she is not welcomed at this party and heads out. However, the drama is just beginning. Darnell starts questioning Kayla’s motives for bringing Claudia over without asking, and the squad wonders if newbie Kayla should even be trusted in this inner circle. Kayla claims that she’s just a people-person and can’t help getting involved in everyone’s drama, but that explanation just isn’t sitting well with Darnell. (1)

Next, we see the ladies all gathered at Astrid’s swimsuit line’s launch party. Everyone has come out to support (minus Hencha – she and Astrid still haven’t resolved their epic drink-in-the-face-dinner-party debacle). But don’t worry! We still have plenty of drama to go around!

First, Claudia refuses to talk to Darnell and Faven, deciding instead to sit away from the women for the entire night. Then, Darnell finally fills Astrid in on the rooftop drama and explains Kayla’s supposed two-faced attitude. Astrid cannot be phased at her own party and decides to kick Kayla out for being disloyal. Astrid is not messing around and gets security over there stat.

Meanwhile, Darnell is still trying to finish planning Ashley’s bachelorette party! As Ashley gets ready to leave Miami and fly to LA to celebrate with her girls, Phil announces that his friends are coming to town to throw him his own bachelor party. Once she hears this news, Ashley goes full-WAG mode and lays down the law on what Phil is and is not allowed to do while she’s gone. (3)

Finally, the crew flies out to LA to celebrate Ashley’s bachelorette. Darnell goes all out, renting the penthouse at Hotel Roosevelt and stocking it with Ashley’s favorite snacks – which obviously means: (3)

Hencha and Metisha meet up with the rest of the girls in the suite, and Hencha and Astrid finally get back in the same room together. You could feel the tension through the tv screen. Hencha seems to be on her best behavior… until Kayla has to go and bring up the drama from the dinner party.

At this point, Darnell has had enough of Kayla’s shadiness. It’s time for a lesson in loyalty in the WAGS suite. Darnell lays it all out for Kayla, explaining how the WAGS women might butt heads, but they always remain loyal and never try to break each other apart.

Clearly, Kayla gets the message because her and Astrid both make amends on the Hotel Roosevelt’s rooftop to close out this episode. (5)

We’re definitely left with some unresolved drama at the end of this episode. We still need to see if Hencha and Astrid can put aside their differences to enjoy Ashley’s bachelorette weekend. And we get a special guest appearance from WAGS LA star, Sasha Gates, wife of LA Charger, Antonio Gates coming up! We all know she’ll bring the drama – but which of the ladies will she side with? Tune in next time for an all new WAGS Miami on E! (6)


posted on 09/18/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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