Last week’s WAGS LA ended on a low note as the group ganged up on Natalie and Olivia. We left the ladies in tears, trying to make sense of the situation, so this week we begin at a game night recap. Barbie, Autumn, and Amber meet up at the gym, and Amber realizes she may have been wrong in her wording about Nat and Liv. She gets the chance to right her wrongs at Natalie and Olivia’s clothing preview launch, where she surprises the cousins (and us!) with an apology for her behavior at game night. (21)

The Amber and Sasha drama was a little less heartfelt as we realize that this friendship isn’t looking promising anymore. The two met up for lunch, and after an awkward start, things went downhill as Sasha and Autumn just went back and forth, exchanging insults and digging up dark moments from the past. One of the toughest parts of this fight is the divide it’s causing among Sasha and Autumn’s friend group. The ongoing drama is forcing the other women to figure out who’s side they are on… and fast. (24)

Meanwhile, Nicole has to convince Larry that he should be wearing a wedding band once they are married. However, in this episode, we realize that these two are getting married for a reason. Nicole knows how to make Larry bend to her will, so when he says he doesn’t want a wedding band, she knows how to make him change his mind. Nicole has a custom wedding band designed by her jeweler that will fit Larry’s broken knuckle and presents it to him through a sexy, nude photoshoot. Naturally, he loves it and the photoshoot is a success! (20)

Barbie and Sheldon and Amber and Tito hit up the MMA Awards, where Barbie is presenting and Tito is receiving the MMA Lifetime Achievement Award. Sheldon is out to support Barbie, despite some recent struggles with their new marriage. Barbie is definitely feeling confident as she’s up on stage doing her thing, and later at dinner, she convinces Tito to hop in the WWE ring with her. Amber has her doubts about Tito continuing to fight, but Barbie’s moves have him itching for a fighting comeback! (27)

Next week on WAGS, the drama continues! We’ll check out Nicole’s bachelorette party where Barbie is accusing Sasha of stealing her Rolex, and we’ll see if Larry’s still on board with this wedding when Nicole’s out partying!

posted on 12/04/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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