The wedding planning continues on this week’s episode of WAGS, as Nicole shops for her wedding and bridesmaids dresses and Natalie and Olivia plan her bridal shower! (16)

It wouldn’t be WAGS without some drama though, and in this episode, Autumn feels hurt that she didn’t receive an invite to Nicole’s bridal shower. Barbie told Autumn that she had received her invite, but that Natalie, Olivia, and Nicole had decided to keep things small and “drama-free.” Barbie also expressed her displeasure at not getting an invite to Nicole’s wedding dress fitting, since Nicole was the only person to attend Barbie’s dress fitting in Season 1. Both women decide they must confront Nicole, and Autumn uses NASCAR event that Barbie has been invited to appear at to confront the girls. (16) (14)

Tensions escalate as the women hash out why Autumn wasn’t invited, but Nicole wonders how Autumn even found out about the party in the first place. A few days later at brunch, Nicole asks Barbie if she had told Autumn how she wasn’t invited to the shower. Barbie admits to spilling the beans and explains her feelings over the dress fitting, but reveals that she has bigger issues in her life right now with her relationship. She explains to Olivia and Nicole how her husband, former hockey player, Sheldon Souray, has become distant. Since her husband is retired, he is ready to commit to family life. However, Barbie is trying to get out and work while she is still young, with plans to settle down a little later in life. The women put aside the differences over the shower invitations to encourage their friend and help her understand that things will work out. (15)

These storylines will continue next weekend on WAGS LA, as Nicole’s wedding draws closer. Will Larry and Nicole be ready to walk down the aisle? Will Autumn bring up some more drama at the wedding? What is the future for Sheldon and Barbie? Check back next week for an all new recap!

posted on 11/20/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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