The drama continued in a major way on last nights episode of WAGS LA.

Michelle and her husband, Brian Quick, started their move from St. Louis to Los Angeles while Quick was still with the Rams, and Michelle knows that the groupies in LA are out and about! During their workout, she informed her husband that she had already scrolled through his DMs and blocked anyone trying to get in touch with him. (14)

Despite his wife’s overbearing personality during the move, Brian wants to throw Michelle a surprise party and enlists the help of Autumn, Dominique, and Seyi to start planning. Michelle proves to be extremely difficult to surprise in this episode and is constantly worrying about where her husband and her friends are. When Michelle expresses her concerns to Autumn and Dominique, they struggle to keep the surprise in the bag and advise Michelle to “wait until after her birthday” before doing anything drastic. Eventually, the party is a success, and Brian surprises Michelle with some new bling to make up for his absence in the previous weeks.

Meanwhile, the other WAGS, team up against Nat and Liv, emphasizing how the two cousins don’t have athlete boyfriends, at Amber’s house. Their major beef concerns Olivia’s latest Instagram controversy. On Valentine’s Day, Olivia posted a picture of her and Philadelphia 76ers’ star, Joel Embiid, to which he replied that he wasn’t “trusting this process.” The other WAGS questioned what Olivia’s motives were, while Olivia claimed that they were each other’s valentines and Embiid’s people didn’t like the negative attention that being with Olivia would bring him.

wags embiid

The drama between Autumn and Sasha has yet to be resolved too. In fact, Sasha seems to have moved on from her friendship with Autumn! She brought Nicole, Natalie, and Olivia back to her home in Trinidad to celebrate carnival, and Autumn was nowhere to be seen. By the end of the episode, Autumn reveals that Sasha unfollowed her on Instagram to which Autumn responded: (15)

So now, episode two is complete, and we have plenty of feuds to follow for the rest of this season on WAGS. Will Michelle’s controlling nature create more problems for the ladies? Will Natalie and Olivia regain their place in the group despite being single? How long will this rift between Sasha and Autumn continue? Catch up now and tune in next week for episode 3! (13)

posted on 11/13/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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