It’s the WAGS Season 3 Finale! After years of dating and months of wedding planning, Nicole and Larry finally tie the knot on this week’s two-hour episode! The episode opens in Palm Springs at Nicole’s bachelorette party. Even though the ladies are living it up in Palm Springs, Nicole can’t get her mind off of Larry and his friends in Colombia. In classic Nicole fashion, she books tickets to Cartegena, Colombia to “surprise” Larry with Nat and Liv.

The three amigos pack up and leave Palm Springs, hoping that Larry won’t be too angry about their party-crashing. They arrive at the restaurant where Larry and his friends are having dinner, all liquored up, with masks in hand, to surprise the guys. At first, Larry does not look happy about his new bachelor party guests, but eventually he comes around and commits to having a good time with Nat, Liv, and Nicole.

While the other girls are away, Michelle is at home planning her son Jaiden’s birthday party. Jaiden is Michelle’s first, and only, child with the late NFL running back Joe McKnight. This is Jaiden’s first birthday since his father’s death last year, and Michelle feels the pressure to make this one extra special for her son. Jaiden requests a football party, in honor of his dad, and Michelle pulls it off in true WAG fashion. As Jaiden wears a number 4 USC jersey and rushes around defenders like his dad, Michelle and her girls cheer him on to cap off a successful birthday party!

Amber and Tito Ortiz have been struggling to settle down into the world of retirement. Tito is ready to continue wrestling and possibly pursuing a career in WWE, while Amber is determined to keep him on the downlow to prevent any more injuries. They attend the premiere the movie, John Wick 2, and walk the red carpet together to give Tito a better taste of what retirement could look like. However, Tito is still itching to get back in the ring despite the risks. Amber voices her concerns to Barbie, who sympathizes with Tito and Amber since her husband, Sheldon, has also been dealing with a wrist injury since retiring last year.

Unfortunately for Barbie and Sheldon, injuries aren’t their only concern. The first year of marriage was tough on the couple, and Barbie headed to Nicole and Larry’s wedding without her man or her ring. By the end of the wedding, the couple agreed to separate while using the time to think things over on their own. Barbie believes the two are “soulmates” and explains to Autumn her fear of losing Sheldon. However, it doesn’t seem like these two have been able to make it work in the months since the wedding given their significant lifestyle differences.

Nat also came face to face with relationship drama at Nicole’s wedding as she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Shaun Phillips. Although Nat wants to chat with Shaun to smooth things over between the two of them, there is no love lost with this couple. Shaun makes a concerted effort to avoid Nat throughout the weekend, causing Nat to wonder what happened between them to have gotten to this point. Even though there were some tears shed in the bathroom at Nicole and Larry’s wedding reception, Nat vowed to move on with her new boyfriend, Agyemang, who she invited as her date to the wedding.  

The episode’s biggest plot twist came towards the end of the two-hour saga. With Nicole’s reception in full swing, Autumn makes one last effort to reach out to Sasha to rekindle their friendship. Shockingly, the two sit down, have a meaningful conversation, SHARE A HUG AND EXPRESS HOPE FOR THEIR FRIENDSHIP!! These two have come a longggggg way since the beginning of the season, and although there is still work to be done, there might be some more Sasha and Autumn love in the upcoming seasons of WAGS!

It’s only a two-week wait till the start of WAGS Atlanta on January 3! In the meantime, anyone want to place bets on how soon Nicole will get pregnant?! Be sure to catch up on PRODAY recaps from this season! Looking forward to more WAGS love in the New Year!

posted on 12/18/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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