This week on WAGS, Nicole and Larry are off to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties! Larry is heading to Columbia, and of course, Nicole is nervous about what will happen when her fiance is out with his friends. Nicole packs up for Palm Springs to celebrate her own bachelorette party and hopefully get her mind off of Larry’s Columbian adventure.

While in Palm Springs, Nicole makes sure she continues to check up on Larry, but this time, he isn’t answering his phone. Nicole tries to track down his friends, but no one seems to be picking up her calls. Nicole is really stressing, until Larry finally hits her up on FaceTime and lets her know he’s just chilling for the night.

All the women have gathered to spend a single ladies weekend with Nicole, which is just what these football WAGS need while their men are off at OTAs. For Michelle, this season’s OTAs are especially difficult because her husband, Brian Quick, has been traded to Washington. They have to spend this part of the offseason away from each other, so they take the opportunity in these last few days in LA to catch up with the Penns and the Ajirotutus before the guys head out and the ladies go to Palm Springs. Together, they discuss the blessings and curses of the WAG world and say goodbye to their husbands before they leave.

Now everyone can really let loose for Nicole’s bachelorette party, perfectly planned by Nat and Liv. But… Autumn and Sasha have some drama to stir up first. Autumn filled Barbie in on her and Sasha’s “reunion” from the last episode before the bachelorette and tells Barbie how Sasha believes Barbie stole her Rolex. Barbie is obviously shocked and tries to stop herself from confronting Sasha while the ladies are celebrating Nicole. However, fights break out over dinner in Palm Springs as Barbie and Sasha hash it out before Sasha starts up again with Autumn. Despite Sasha’s hurtful rumours about Barbie, Barbie truly misses the days when they were all just friends.

Hopefully, the ladies can get things sorted out before next week’s two-hour finale and Nicole’s wedding! Check back in for next week’s final WAGS LA recap!

posted on 12/12/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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