The WAGS franchise just keeps on rolling. The LA WAGS began their latest season on E! last night! If you recall, last season ended with Larry English and Nicole finally getting engaged. They have a date for the wedding, but this episode is all about finding the location. As expected, Nicole is all in on the wedding planning, but Larry is dragging his feet. After Nicole goes to the doctor and finds her heart palpitations are back, Larry gets on board with the location search. The venue is just one piece of this wedding, so Nicole and Larry have a lot of work to do this season to get ready!

Hangin wit the ol ball n chain #dadsday

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As Larry and Nicole begin the next chapter of their lives together, cousins Natalie and Olivia are back on the single track. Olivia broke up with her boyfriend, Marcedes Lewis, during Season 2, while Natalie and her longtime man, Shaun Phillips, grew apart during the show’s break. They’re on the lookout for new boys, but not before Nat discards some of her old gifts from Shaun. The two head to the Museum of Past Relationships in LA on this episode, and are ready to move on with their lives. (6)






The big drama in this episode came from ex-BFFs Sasha and Autumn. Each WAG told their side of the breakup, but naturally the whole group had to come together to see just how bad it really was. Since Sasha is moving to LA with her husband, Antonio Gates, and the Chargers, she threw a going away party in San Diego. Autumn showed up with flowers in hand and seemed ready to try and bury the hatchet. However, Sasha’s agent friend, Lonni, has other plans. In typical WAGS fashion, the ladies duke it out in the bathroom of a San Diego restaurant. (5)

This season, the WAGS crew is going to have to pick sides on the Sasha-Autumn battle. Will Autumn grow closer with Nat and Liv? Who will be invited to Nicole and Larry’s wedding? All in all, this episode gave us a lot of themes to look for in Season 3!

posted on 11/06/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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