This week on WAGS Atlanta, Telli Swift was hoping for an engagement ring from her boyfriend, professional boxer, Deontay Wilder; but instead received something else instead.

Telli might not have gotten the ring she was expecting but instead she surprised Deontay by explaining she might be pregnant. Deontae was very supportive of the potential pregnancy telling Telli, “go on and take your fine ass in there and take that test. Then come back and tell me some good news.”

Now that a baby is on the way, it is still very important for Deontay to put a ring on it and all the women agree– including Telli’s OBGYN.

If and when Deontay will propose is completely unknown. But Telli begins to get more and more impatient as time goes on. She even threatens that she is going to be out, if he doesn’t put a ring on it soon.

We have faith that eventually Deontay will pop the question but for now it is safe to say that Deontay already loves their baby and is going to be a great dad.

Happy tears continued to flow throughout the episode as former NFL cheerleader Ariel Anderson, expressed her insecurities to her mother. She finally explained that she is sick of being compared to her sister Kierra Douglas who is married to Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Harry Douglas.

It is amazing to see Ariel come to terms with herself and realize that she is just as amazing as her sister Kierra. She might not have settled down like her sister but she is talented and she is her own person.

What is in store next for Deontay and Telli? Hopefully weddings bells; but only time will tell! Will Ariel continue on her journey of happiness. We will see on next week’s episode



posted on 01/25/2018 by Alexis DiZenzo
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