This week on WAGS ATL the girls are off on a girl’s trip to New Orleans while relationship drama unfolds between Kesha Norman and Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker, C.J. Mosley. Brandi Rhodes makes her WAGS debut and wastes no time trying to prove that she is not like the rest of the women.

Brandi is a professional wrestler and married to wrestling royalty Cody Rhodes.She shakes things up on WAGS this week showing she is not a typical “homemaker,” like the rest of the wives and girlfriends. The support system between her and her husband is like no other.

C.J. opens up to the guys about his relationship issues with Kesha. He tells them how she had a camera installed in the socket and it caused tension in the relationship. The guys are supportive of C.J. and all agree that sometimes a little space is the best thing for a relationship. C.J. agrees and admits that he does love her.

Girl time is important too and the ladies know that Kesha needs some time away from C.J. as well. That is the only way that things could possibly get better in their relationship. The ladies hit up a voodoo shop while in New Orleans.

Kesha meets a fortune teller while on the girl’s trip. She offers insightful information for Kesha to think about in regards to her relationship with C.J. Kesha has a lot to think about.

In the end everything ends up working out with Kesha and C.J. Space does justice for relationships and we are so happy to see that everything is working out for Kesha and C.J.

Kesha and C.J. have both turned a new leaf in the relationship. How long will it last? Stay tuned to fine out! Check back next week for the latest recap!







posted on 01/18/2018 by Alexis DiZenzo
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