On this week’s two hour episode of WAGS Atlanta, limits are being tested in relationships and big opportunities arise.

Poor Telli Swift has had it with Deontay Wilder. Still without a ring and a baby on the way, Telli opens up to the ladies about her relationship struggles at a dinner party.

Telli explains to Kaylin that she got into a fight with Deontay, and lets just say things got really out of hand. She explained, “We went to a car dealership and kind of was like, okay why are we really here?” She goes on to say, “I kind of felt like he was trying to take my mind off of getting the ring. I was cussing him out, I was crying. It was a hot mess.”

When the rest of the girls arrive to dinner, the conversation continues and the girls are nothing but supportive of Telli and her relationship struggles.

On a more positive note, Niche Caldwell walked in a show during New York Fashion Week and all of her friends were there to cheer her on.

This was not Niche’s first runway. She modeled a lot after college, but gave up her career to support her husband, Andrea Caldwell. He has now returned the favor, proving to be her number one fan.

Niche is not the only one who visits New York. Kaylin Jurrjens heads there as well to focus on her career working as a correspondent on the Red Carpet during Fashion Week. Her first red carpet was a little nerve wrecking but by the second she was killing it. This is my big opportunity to launch the next part of my career,” Kaylin shared. “I’ve worked so hard for this. I’m nervous, but I’m like, this is happening!”

Her hubby, Jair Jurrjens came out to support her during her second Red Carpet. She was shocked and so surprised to have him there. It was the cutest moment ever.

The highs and lows of being a WAG continues next Wednesday on E TV and as always we will be here to cover all of the tea.






posted on 02/01/2018 by Alexis DiZenzo
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