The tradition of tailgating goes back generations. It used to be a way for guys to spend time together catching up and watching their favorite teams. It still functions in that way, but these days it’s more of a family outing. Where men and women are accompanied by their significant others, kids, work colleagues and extended associates. It’s a way to enjoy the camaraderie with fellow sports fans and root hard for your squad without spending so much on game tickets. For devoted fans, it’s the perfect way to celebrate a successful season. Or, if your teams suck in a particular year, at least you get to commiserate together. In order to get the best from your tailgating experience, you’re going to need a couple of items. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them below.


King Tailgater Antenna $379

If you require the same 300+ plus channel options on the road that you have at home, you’ll need a heavy-duty antenna. Simply put, you need something with the raw power to handle all of your DISH Network programming. Enter the KING Tailgater. Equipped with HD capabilities, it works great for outdoor activities, sporting events, RVs or anywhere you need access. Portable and surprisingly light, it works on the ground or mounted on top of your vehicle.




Midea Multi-Cooker $99

We’re almost in 2018, which means you’re missing out if the only thing you cook at tailgates is steaks and burgers. Most new stadiums offer a variety of food items to satisfy a diverse and mature public.  If this high-quality cuisine works for the fans on the inside, why should the people on the outside be any different? But the Midea Multi-Cooker and add some variety to your life. This cooker makes a mean bowl of pasta, not to mention rice, quinoa and a few other sides. Now you can eat good and eat something good for you.









Beats By Dre Pill $179

As with the case with any respectable tailgater, you’re going to arrive at the stadium extra early to grab a good spot and set up for cooking. We’re talking four or five (at least) hours before the game even starts. Fill the free time with a playlist that will get your mind right for game day. When it comes to portable speakers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as powerful and reliable as a Pill wireless speaker. You know that right? Good, make it happen.



YETI Rambler Tumbler  $34.99

Number 1, you’re going to drink at a tailgate. Might be coffee or hot chocolate. Or it may be something a bit stronger. Either way, main thing is to keep the drinks at the appropriate temperature. Few things worse than being outside on a freezing day with a cold drink in your hand. The Yeti Rambler Tumbler solves all of those concerns. With double-wall vacuum insulation interior and and stainless steel exterior, the tumbler is able to keep liquids at their correct setting. Plus, coming in at 20 oz. it can hold plenty.

The Tailgate Collection

Stock Yards Tailgate Collection $119.99

Food options abound for modern day tailgaters, but odds are there will some meat served.  I mean, this is America after all. The people at Stock Yards make the food-planning process easy by organizing item selections with their offering. We suggest the Tailgate Collection, which comes with 12 (USDA certified) beef burgers, 4 half-slabs of ribs and 25 all-beef hot dogs. That should be enough to satisfy any crowd. Bring your own sides or just go all-meat everything.


Coolest Cooler $399.99

Coolest doesn’t make the average cooler—hence the name and price tag. Not sure if a cooler of this magnitude is for everyone, but it is perfect for those who spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors. Coolest is the Swiss Army Knife of coolers, it features a blender, Bluetooth speaker, usb port for charging devices, cutting board, plates and more.


Football Griller $69.99

The football griller can be used for meal prep or to actually cook with on top of a grill. It keeps food cold or hot for long periods of time and it looks damn good. The debossed school graphics give this piece a nice touch to make it stand out from run of the mill serving dishes. It is available for UNC, Kentucky and Oregon.


Falcons Cornhole (1)

Cornhole Tailgate Toss Set $99.99

We legit have no idea when cornhole went from being an annoying frat boy game to being acceptable to the masses, but it is everywhere. So much so that here are tailgate sets available for virtually every NFL, major College, NBA and MLB team. Chalk it up as a fun game to pass the time at a tailgate when the beer pong table is occupied.


Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16-Year-Old Bourbon $199.99

Everyone is bringing beer to the tailgate, if you want to stand out, bring a good bottle of bourbon or whiskey. Jefferson’s is a small family owned operation out of Kentucky that makes great experimental whiskey. Their latest, the full flavored Presidential 16 has hints of vanilla, caramel and toffee. As the days get colder this is a quality adult beverage that will provide liquid warmth at the stadium of your choice.


Additional reporting by Branden Peters

posted on 11/17/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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