People love revisiting fashion and music from the past, so why not dust off an old diet? The caveman diet, AKA the paleo diet, has returned.  

The paleo diet is based on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our ancestors, which restricts dieters to only eating foods from the Earth, according to The diet should mainly consist of fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and nuts.


This is the diet MLB pitcher Brandon League used to lose 20 pounds before His 2015 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, says the Los Angeles Daily news. He also paired this with cutting out alcohol.

Source: USA Today/ Gary Vasquez
Source: USA Today/ Gary Vasquez

“I feel great,” League told the Daily News. “It’s a huge step. It’s a big lifestyle change. Who doesn’t like a couple glasses of wine, great tasting food at restaurants?”

While alcohol is typically not on the allowed foods list for a paleo diet, Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist, told Health that red wine is the closest thing to a paleo drink. Also not on the list are processed foods, grains, dairy, added salt and legumes.

The limited list of approved foods opens the door for eating too much meat. An improper balance of carbohydrates and meat could lead to kidney damage or heart disease, according to Health. This adds to the already controversial benefits of the paleo diet.


The Health article points out that the popularity of the paleo diet is in part because of the scarcity of chronic diseases in the people who originally followed this diet, but Dr. Christopher Ochner, research associate at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals, said it is not clear that the food they ate was the reason.

The article also points out a major struggle of the diet is that it is just plain old hard. To follow it closely, time has to be dedicated to meal prep and worrying over small details like what oil the food was cooked in.

However, if followed correctly it can lead to increased vitamin and nutrient consumption, and provide a balanced diet of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

If you are interested in giving it a try, and maybe dropping a few pounds like League, you don’t have to do it alone. Check out a paleo conference or social media support group, or just start buy trying one of these recipes below.

Lettuce Wraps

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Screenshot 2017-02-27 02.08.11

Ice Cream

Screenshot 2017-02-27 02.08.34

posted on 02/27/2017 by Jenna Milliner-Waddell
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