The boom of social media created a new, tighter relationship between athlete and fan. Not only does it give fans the chance to directly interact with professional athletes, it also gives them a glimpse into what they’re like as a person.

One of the most unique social media styles comes from Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton:

The question that pops in my head is, how long does it take for him to write his captions? The 2015 NFL MVP is known for being eccentric — just check out some of his game day outfits:

When he’s not creating a new language on Instagram, Newton uses Twitter to promote various charities, brands and TV show appearances:

While Cam’s use of Instagram & Twitter are distinctly different, some athletes’ styles mesh together on the two platforms. Danish Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is an athlete who uses social media to show life both on and off the court. She was featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swim Suit edition:

She’s an especially interesting follow on Twitter because she consistently shares picture & videos of her training. For example, this trick shot:

Wozniacki isn’t exactly what you would call ‘reserved’ with her posts. However, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Tamba Hali shows off his personality more than anybody else. Exhibit A & B:

Get it, Tamba! The reason Hali was in such a dancing mood is because he just welcomed his third son into the world. It’s awesome to see players like Hali having fun off the field. Especially when professional leagues like the NFL (dubbed the ‘No Fun League’) set up so many rules for what players can and can’t do during games.

One more athlete who’s loose on social media is the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin. A few months back he took to Instagram to poke some fun at Austin Rivers, who he apparently believes looks like Ali G:

Whether serious or fun, it’s interesting to see the different social media styles of professional athletes. Who are some of your favorites to follow?

posted on 04/27/2017 by Logan Bradley
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