Using his platform as an NFL pro, Washington Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. has shared videos of his workouts to inspire young athletes to stay focused and work hard. Though he uses social media to connect with the Redskins fans, he hopes that his digital presence can help others not only be better athletes, but better people, too.

“When you go out and have an excellent season or do some great things, people know why. Little kids know why, ” Pryor told the Washington Post of his videos. “Maybe that’ll get kids outside to work out more and work hard — people that look up to me, people that I inspire.”

Pryor, who faced financial challenges growing up, understands the positive impact that a role model can make on children who are confronted with difficult obstacles every day.

“There’s so many kids in the streets nowadays, and poverty and people that are trying to find a way out,” Pryor said in the same article. “So many kids … I can walk anywhere, anywhere I go, kids come up to me. When people see you on the Internet, see you on social media — because that’s all there is nowadays — kids are always on social media and hopefully when they are looking at me, they are like, ‘I want to go work hard. That inspires me to go do some great things.’”


Though the NFL regular season hasn’t even started, he has already had Washington fans thank him for his hard work, dedication to the team, and engagement in the community.

“I can pull out my phone and show you my direct messages on Twitter and stuff like that and people just say, ‘Man, you inspire me. You posting that video today inspired me,’ ” Pryor said. “That’s all I want to do. I want to try to do something to make the world better.”


From drilling with fellow pros in the hot sun to late-night training sessions with his son, we’ve collected some of Pryor’s best workout videos.

Pryor teamed up with Pittsburg Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown for some yoga core strengthening.

The wide receiver also ran some late-night drills with his son, already preparing the little one for the physicality of football.

Pryor showed off his own toughness working out in the snow, preparing for winter games during the season.

Recently, Pryor took the field with some of his Redskins teammates and showed off his ball handling skills.

Pryor has already shared countless training videos on his Twitter and Instagram, and we can only expect more motivational posts as he begins his wide receiving career.

posted on 08/06/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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