“Contrary to popular belief, football ain’t fantasy. Football is reality.” -Spencer Strasmore, Baller Season 3

After Spencer and Joe get their funding pulled on the Vegas deal last week on Ballers, they open this week’s episode contemplating their next move. The boys decide to call in Mr. Anderson’s even richer brother, Julian, to help fund a new deal for the Raiders. However, when Spencer pitches to the owners, he implores them to keep the team in Oakland and use the Anderson brothers’ private funding to build a new stadium in the Bay Area.

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Meanwhile, Ricky and Charles head out to LA together. For Charles, the trip includes an interview with the Rams for their new general manager position. Ricky, on the other hand, heads to Amber’s house to announce his retirement from football and his full commitment to her and the new baby.

As the third season of Ballers comes to a close, the character arcs have continued to expand. Ricky’s growth stands out in particular. At the start of the series, Ricky was a talented but temperamental star. He constantly needed Spencer to bail him out of his bad decisions. However, this season, Ricky has taken control of his health and future, culminating in his retirement during this episode.

Reggie has also grown up throughout the season. Although he’s still a live wire, he has become more responsible and helpful. He has owned up to his mistakes and made concerted efforts to fix them, including helping to reduce Vernon’s suspension. In this episode, he and Vernon finally head off to training camp. While there, he is able to offer one of Vernon’s teammate some helpful, albeit crazy, advice on his sex tape problem (shout out to Kim and Ray j). Reggie represents a side of football that fans rarely get to see, but definitely exists. His presence in Vernon’s life is both hilarious and necessary to help Vernon get out of the personal issues that arise throughout the season.

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It’s a good thing that these two are able to fend for themselves a little bit better because Spencer has also accomplished his own growth. In this episode, he refuses to compromise his morals regarding the Vegas deal. In his heart, he knows the team should stay in Oakland, and he does his best to help keep them there. Although the deal doesn’t work out exactly the way he had hoped, he has an exciting future ahead of him at the helm of a back in business and rapidly growing ASM. The contrast between Spencer at the end of last season – defeated and broken, walking down the hallway of the hospital to get hip surgery – and Spencer at the end of this season is remarkable. His character is definitely set up for success heading into the 4th season, and it will be exciting to see him take control of his life and his career and possibly enter into fatherhood.

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posted on 09/26/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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