The Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, are the definition of a power couple. While Steph’s popularity came by draining threes, Ayesha is well-known for her work as a chef and TV personality. America’s favorite couple is now combining their talents to create a mobile game called Chef Curry.

A creation of PM StudiosChef Curry has users running a fast-paced diner with Steph serving customers and Ayesha whipping up delicious meals. A time-based game, the goal is to take care of each person who walks through the door by making food, serving and cleaning up — all before the allotted time runs out. By completing tasks on time you will gain experience points and new gear for Steph to sport.

Steph’s quick release translates better than expected from the court to the kitchen. You, the user, control the star as he runs back and forth keeping an eye on fries in the fryer, pancakes on the griddle and burgers on the grill.

“Bringing Chef Curry to life has been an incredible experience,” said Ayesha in a statement. “When we were conceptualizing the game, I wanted to make sure it reflected the challenges, intensity and gratification that goes along with managing a kitchen, whether at your home on Thanksgiving serving friends and family or in a high-paced restaurant serving customers.”

This game is merely an extension of the Curry’s social-savvy talents. You’d be hard to find another couple who are as involved and interactive with their fans.

“We have seen the mobile gaming space as a landscape for limitless potential and it is an area which Ayesha and I have been interested in for some time”, said Steph in a statement. “When the team at PM Studios presented the idea for Chef Curry it immediately felt like the perfect fit. The game incorporates multiple facets of my life including interests on and off the court.”

The mobile game is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

posted on 11/11/2017 by Logan Bradley
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