Biles is back! After more than a year odd, the four time Olympic gold champion has resumed training to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  While rumors circled that Biles was giving up gymnastics to maybe pursue a new sport like cheerleading (she was an honorary Houston Texans Cheerleader for a week in December of 2017) she’s indeed getting ready for the upcoming Olympics.

game day feels ❤️ so excited to dance at the Houston Texans Game!

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She recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram about triumphing over her alleged sexual abuse.

Feelings… 💭

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The post called for an understandable respect for her privacy. However, according to she planned to take time off after Rio with the ultimate goal of returning fresher, both physically and mentally, before resuming training.

“It’s important to have a mental and physical break,” Biles said in an interview with Fitness Magazine. “You need to find your balance again; your center. Everyone thinks, “Oh, the Olympics, you start training for it that year,’ but I’ve been training my whole entire life and I think people tend to forget that.”

My morning routine: 1) Rise. 2) Grind. 3) Repeat. #partner @MattressFirm

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Even though Biles is undoubtedly one of the best gymnasts of all time, there’s always room for improvement.  She will compete on the balance beam and uneven bars ,as usual, but will add floor and vault a few weeks later at the national championships. This time she will have a new coach Laurent Landi, the former coach of 2016 gold medalist Madison Kocian.

“Laurent specializes in bar work, and out of all my events, bar is a little weaker than the rest of them,” she told Fitness. “Hopefully I get a little bit better and my confidence while performing a bar routine goes up.”

Biles is currently training and has been since November. She plans on making her return during the U.S Classic in late July.  According to Biles, getting back to her routine wasn’t too hard but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

“The first day (back) I was doing some skills and it was going pretty smoothly but then it all catches up to you and by the third day I could barely walk. So that was no fun,” Biles told Reuters. “ But now it’s been pretty good.”

first day back at the gym in the books

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posted on 01/21/2018 by Allayah Carr
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