Coffee is for more than just the busy corporate professional rushing out the door. It’s for professional athletes too.

Olympic diver Abby Johnston, marathon runner Shalane Flanagan and olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens all talked to ESPNW about their love of coffee, which according to Men’s Fitness can have some powerful health benefits when had before a workout.

The article cited a Sports Medicine study that says athletes can train longer and stronger after drinking caffeine. This is probably why Flanagan does not race without having a cup of joe before hand.

Fueling up at Late for the Train

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“…maybe it’s mental more than anything, but I don’t know an endurance athlete that doesn’t have a cup at least a couple hours before a race,” Flanagan told ESPN. “Personally, I wouldn’t go to the line without a cup of coffee.”

Flanagan will have a cup three or four hours before her start time to prepare. When she is on the road, she brings an AeroPress, which pumps out individual cups of coffee. After adding a little creamer she is ready to go.

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Johnston, who will drink up to four cups a day (not including iced coffee) said the caffeine makes her feel more alert before getting in the pool. She told ESPN she likes it very hot and black.

Although Stevens loves the taste of coffee, she likes to enjoy it in moderation and only drinks one or two cups a day. She says sleep improves her performance over caffeine, so that remains her number one priority when it comes to training. As recovery, that’s a different story. 

Recovery done right with @conniecarp + cappuccino.

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Even if you aren’t training for the Olympic Trials a little pre-workout coffee can still benefit your fitness goals. According to Men’s Fitness The coffee will cause the fat cells to be used as energy, increasing your fat burning potential. The caffeine will also increase metabolism, aiding in burning more calories, but you won’t be taking in that many since coffee also acts as an appetite suppressant.  

When brewing your pre-workout there is a lot more to consider adding then just cream and sugar. In recent years Bulletproof Coffee has made its mark on the fitness world. According to the website, this blended drink includes low-toxin coffee, XCT oil, a stronger and tasteless form of coconut oil and unsalted grass–fed butter. According to creator Dave Asprey, it will keep you  energized, focused, and full for hours.  Screenshot 2017-05-01 11.21.11

posted on 05/01/2017 by Jenna Milliner-Waddell
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