At first consideration Oklahoma City Thunder do-everything guard Russell Westbrook and legendary luggage retailer Tumi seem like a misguided duo. Westbrook’s style is pure energy and he often attacks the rim with high-pressure and ferocity. Not to mention his ostentatious fashion choices don’t seem to connect with a brand like Tumi. After all, this is a 40-plus year old company known for making understated, albeit, quality luggage. Their target demographic is decidedly older and conservative (they’re big in that business class demo) but that seems to be changing now.


Previous collabs with Public School and graffiti artist Crash are an indication that the Westbrook partnership isn’t as off brand as one may believe. This recent collaboration between Westbrook and Tumi signals a rebrand of sorts by connecting with the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player’s fan base. Finding a younger consumer audience is a concern for every company that wants to stay viable and so Tumi is taking a risk here, but a smart one. There’s really no downside to this move.

The first thing you’ll notice about the collection is that it’s all red camouflage with hints of black. In other words, it pops visually. The camo isn’t really all that noticeable, so it’s not garish or anything. It is however a fairly bright red, but the upside of that is it will obviously stand out on any baggage claim carousel. This is most definitely Westbrook’s influence here, as this seems counter to what Tumi usually would do. That said, it’s attractive. Loud for sure, but constructed in a way that makes sense for the brand. It surprisingly enough strikes enough middle ground to work for both parties. Priced from $225 – $795 the six-piece collection includes a satchel, a backpack and an expendable carry-on suitcase with recess swivel wheels (pretty much mandatory these days) and a hanger bracket.

If the Tumi collab is out of your price range and you’re looking for a quality carry-on suitcase, try out this Herschel suitcase.


posted on 10/30/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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