Out on injured reserve, Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett aka Martysaurus Rex is fully utilizing his time off of the field. He recently released his seventh rap project just 10 months after the release of I Am Not a Rapper but Some of My Friends Are.

While his previous EP was only 5 songs and featured artists such as MatchBox Tony and David Allen Pope, Bennett’s newest release,  Polka Dots: The Mixtape is longer, at 9 songs and only has one very notable feature; Snoop Dogg.

“Working with Snoop was easy. He’s a great dude. I was a little nervous because he rapped first and it was smooth as f**k.” Bennett told Grouchy Greg in an interview with

He admits to scrapping his original verse and re-writing it to the one currently on the collab track “Take A Flight.”

The songs upbeat tempo gives off a West Coast vibe and in typical Snoop fashion engages the listener in getting high and essentially “taking a flight.” Bennett’s rhymes flow effortlessly in this single. Although his verses were relatively short, his wordplay has more force and includes more alliteration and references for more dynamic lyrics.

Using Snoops verse as a sort of guide to go by shows Bennett’s skill as a music creator. While he doesn’t consider himself a rapper, “This is just me creating. I just try to express my creativity in as many mediums as possible,” he’s definitely serious about his craft. He wrote all 9 songs himself and plans on releasing at least two more projects this year.

His best tracks are the ones that dwell into more personal matters like his family and ambition. “Family Hustle” mentions his family’s come-up on a global scale. “Hustle with the family, cause my family hustle/Y’all don’t really understand my family struggle.” He doesn’t go into much detail about his families’ beginnings but emphasizes how his brother (Seahawks Defense End Michael Bennett) and himself carried the family on their backs.

Another favorite is “Do It.” Bennett touched on a lot of controversial topics like Colin Kaepernik’s protest, police brutality, and drug related NFL suspensions. He takes the listeners on his journey to making it to the NFL and ultimately how he feels about his injury. He paints a lyrical picture of the struggles of being a black player in the NFL and lets the listener know why he does it…for his fans.

Take a listen to the full project below and let us know your thoughts on @prodayco

posted on 01/30/2018 by Allayah Carr
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