This week’s relationship roundup brings a juicy rumor to an end. Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay clears up all dating speculations about Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, and herself.

Lindsay explained while on The Ringer’s “Bachelor Party” Podcast, that their relationship goes as far back as when they both attended University of Texas. “That is as juicy as it gets,” Lindsay said.

8 v 24

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The rumors first started back in 2017 when US Weekly reported that Lindsay and Durant did date while in college together but Lindsay broke the relationship off when she headed to law school leaving him looking a lot like he does in that Instagram photo.

Is a rumor really a rumor? Or do we call it one to cover up our relationship pasts?

U.S. Women’s Soccer Julie Ertz and Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz, have become one of our favorite sports couples. This week, Julie proved she is a superstar wife while at Super Bowl Media Day.

Julie stepped up as reporter of Media Day interviewing her husband. She stole his spotlight and proved to be the queen of everything…including social media.

Sports truly brings couples together. There is no harm in a competitive game of hockey against your significant other.

William and Kate were adorable out on the ice learning more about hockey. Pros or Joes, sports helps bring the best out of these couples.


posted on 01/31/2018 by Alexis DiZenzo
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