As sports fans, we marvel at the athletic feats of professional athletes. Whether it’s a Russell Westbrook triple-double, a two-home run game from pitcher Madison Bumgarner or an insane catch by Odell Beckham Jr. — most of us can only dream of doing these things ourselves.

This is one reason why video games have remained so popular over the years — but not just among non-athletes. Many professional athletes are huge gamers, and not simply in the form of a fun game of Mario Kart in the clubhouse.

Take for example Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Trevor May. May, a well-known gamer, recently joined a professional eSports team called Luminosity Gaming.

May regularly streams on Twitch where he plays games like Overwatch, a first-person shooter. Plenty of other athletes have hopped on the eSports bandwagon, but May is the first to officially join a team.

Chicago Bears’ offensive lineman Kyle Long has regularly streamed on Twitch in the past as well.

Sometimes, however, pro athletes are prone to trying their hand at gaming in their own sport. Indiana Pacers’ forward Paul George is an avid player of NBA 2K — he even graced the cover of 2K17.

George spoke to the USA Today about NBA 2K in this interview, saying he plays the game ‘every day.’

Another baller who’s familiar with the gaming community is Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward. Hayward wrote about his love for gaming in a February 2016 article in The Players’ Tribune.

“But to me, video games have always been an escape. They’re something I associate with relaxation. And if nothing else, they’re really, really, really fun.” – Hayward in The Players’ Tribune

If you still are of the ‘video games are for nerds’ mindset, you might want to change that. Chances are your favorite professional athlete is an avid gamer.

posted on 04/10/2017 by Logan Bradley
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