While some of the earliest NFL Super Bowl halftime shows were performed by university marching bands (and kind of boring), they have become one of the marquee musical events of the year thanks to Michael Jackson’s 1993 performance turning the tide.

Whether it was Beyonce coming out on stage to a motivational Vince Lombardi speech in 2013, Prince performing “Purple Rain” in the rain with purple lights in 2007 or Katy Perry’s left shark messing up the choreography, the halftime show is almost always infamous and/or great.

Yet, some of the most unforgettable performances were the most uplifting. Following the 9/11 attacks just four months prior, U2 put together a renowned unifying performance in front of a grieving country. Lady Gaga was lauded last year for similar unifying efforts with her “Million Reasons” hit in front of a divided country during an election year.

We will see if Justin can deliver a memorable performance (sans any wardrobe “malfunctions”) this weekend.

posted on 02/01/2018 by Kevin Brown
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