Paul Pogba is famous enough that his name resonates even with people who don’t watch soccer…err football…err no, let’s stay with soccer for clarity purposes. As a talented midfielder for Manchester United (and the French national team) he has ascended to superstar status and international acclaim. He’s become a household name for his flair both on and off the field.


His latest line for adidas dropped this week and in it are the usual array of eye-catching sweats, jackets and sneakers. Officially dubbed as the second season of the adidas Soccer X Pogba Capsule Collection, the line is a mix of desert camo and Earth tones. It’s not necessarily flashy, at least not in the traditional way. Earth tones are generally associated with calmness and being understated. That said, those associations deserve to be updated or even recalibrated, because Pogba’s style of play isn’t understated. He’s a playmaker and brings all the requisite wow factor involved in that term. In fact, part of his appeal is that you might see something happen in a match you’ve never seen before.


Pogba’s line consists of a lot of grey and gold. So automatically there’s a lot of flexibility in how you can wear it. There are hats, balls, track pants, t-shirts, jackets and other accessories, which can all be found here. There’s even a video attached to the collection that can be viewed here. The video offers insight into Pogba’s personality as both a star midfielder and also into what inspires him as a regular person.

As is the case for all of adidas’ best footwear, BOOST technology is present in both versions (the 17.1 and the 17 +) of the PP ACE sneaker.

As a brand adidas is obviously having a strong year and their recent uptick in popularity and sales is a direct result of a lot smart decisions. This new Pogba line is just the latest example.

posted on 10/27/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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