If you find yourself in a fitness rut and in need of some “#gyminspiration,” look no further than Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn’s Instagram account. From her accolades to her physique, the accomplished skier proves that her workouts, well, work. Vonn’s secret? Circuit training.


What the athlete refers to as her “#GoldGrind,” the circuits allow Vonn to achieve a full-body workout in one gym session.


Sharing her passion for training and knowledge of exercise, Vonn writes in an Instagram post:

“So I love circuit training! They are time efficient, challenge the body metabolically, and build lean muscle at the same time. Start with 4 exercises (different muscle groups) and do 30-40 seconds on and 60 seconds rest. Keep progressing the workout time up and rest time down as you get more fit.”


From push ups, to planks, to squats, to biking, Vonn combines bodyweight training, free-weight training, and cardio exercises to create circuits.

With countless exercises in her repertoire, Vonn can switch up her workouts each day to not only target different muscle groups, but also avoid the monotony of a mundane fitness regime.

Sunday funday….psych! 😜

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If her workout videos aren’t enough to convince you of the effectiveness of circuit training, her results might be!

Consider your gym bags packed.

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posted on 06/08/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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