Over the past few decades NBA uniforms have transformed in many ways. Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers made short-shorts famous only for many in the league to switch up to baggier look following in the footsteps of Michigan’s Fab Five. Now uniform enhancements are being introduced on a larger scale — we’re not just talking the length of shorts — we’re talking the inclusion of technology.

Nike and the NBA struck up a partnership in 2015, that is coming to fruition for the first time during the 2017-18 season.

Nike and the NBA unveiled three innovations recently — most importantly the new Nike NBA Connected jersey.

These jerseys (available to fans starting Sept. 29) offer an insider experience never before seen. Users can download the NikeConnect app and tap their smartphone on the tag at the bottom of the jersey to explore a new world of NBA connectivity.

The embedded near field communication chip ushers in a world of exclusive content unavailable to those without a connected jersey.

“In our new connected era, Nike will lead with products that build a relationship with our consumers,” said Trevor Edwards, President of Nike Brand, in a statement. “With NikeConnect, we deliver to basketball fans everywhere the personal and premium experiences we know they love.”

For instance, Golden State fans who Purchase a Kevin Durant-connected jersey will open up a world of exclusive KD content including pregame arrival footage, access to his and other players’ favorite music playlists and much more.

For those NBA2K18 fanatics out there — scanning a player’s jersey will give a boost to that player making them more effective in the video game.

The other two unveils coming from Nike were the Statement Edition uniforms and Nike Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket. You’ll see players wearing both on the court starting in late-November.

The jerseys, designed with a 20-percent reduction in weight from last year, seemed to be well received amongst players. “I think if anything it’s going to help us stay focused on the game and not on little distractions,” said Denver Nuggets’ forward Paul Millsap to reporters at the event.

Expect a whole lot more innovation from the partnership, which is scheduled to run for the next eight years.

posted on 09/19/2017 by Logan Bradley
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