Ricky Williams is a bit of a legend. A two-time All-American and Heisman winner while playing football at University of Texas, Austin, went on to be a top five NFL draft pick. Once pro, he played for the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints before retiring after 12 years to become an analyst for ESPN’s Longhorn Network. He’s been a spokesperson for Paxil and PETA, he’s a vegan and yoga instructor, he was on his high school honor roll.

Ricky Williams Police

He’s a pretty stand up guy by any measure and on Jan 11, he was in Tyler, Texas to take part in theĀ Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award ceremony. The multi sport athlete who wrestled and played baseball in addition to football wanted to stretch his legs outside of his hotel and went for a walk. Neighbors saw a black man talking around on a nice afternoon and called the police. Despite one of the responding officers recognizing Williams as a Texas sports legend and him having committed no crime, he was detained and frisked. Officers eventually let him go because he’d done nothing wrong, but it’s a pretty stark reminder of why guys like Colin Kaepernick protest police brutality and remind us all that #blacklivesmatter.

posted on 01/23/2017 by kunstar
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