Stephon Gilmore started the week as one of the top free agent cornerbacks on the market. He ended it as a member of the New England Patriots after signing a five-year, $65 million contract.

Blessed to be a part of the New England Patriots. Looking forward to a great ride.

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Usually signing a contract to make you one of the highest paid CB’s in the NFL would be the highlight of your day. Not for Gilmore. Later in the day, Gilmore and his wife, Gabrielle, welcomed a new baby girl into the world.

The irony of the situation? Gilmore and his wife named the child Gisele. If that’s ringing a bell it’s because Gilmore’s new teammate, Tom Brady, has a well-known supermodel wife named Gisele Bündchen.

My littlest valentine and my Numero Uno…happy Valentine's Day! ❤

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As funny (or weird) as it would seem, Gilmore and his wife weren’t naming their daughter after the quarterback’s wife. The two simply wanted a name starting with the letter ‘G’. The Patriots are known for getting players to buy in to their system, but this would’ve taken things to a whole new level.

During his introductory conference call Gilmore had the following to say (via NESN):

“I actually named her Gisele Sienna Gilmore. My wife’s name is Gabrielle, so we thought of a ‘G’ name, and we picked Gisele. She was seven pounds, eight ounces. I don’t know how long she was, but it was a blessing when she came into this world.”

Two beautiful girls named Gisele, five Super Bowls in fourteen years, the best quarterback (arguably) to ever play the game; is there anything the Patriots don’t have?


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posted on 03/21/2017 by Logan Bradley
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