Bronny showing the range post game!! Something lite. #JamesGang🔥 #StriveForGreatness🚀

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Though many athletes take to social media to show off their kids, few have as much to gush about as Lebron James.

Look, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy me some wholesome Riley Curry comedy, and I won’t deny that I could listen to Preston Pippen play those piano keys for hours, but have you seen what Lebron James Jr. does when he steps onto the hardwood?

King James has quite the legacy in Bronny, whose impressive ball skills make him worth hanging on to every post dad offers up. We aren’t the only ones trying to keep tabs on junior either. The 12-year-old was allegedly on the college radar when it was reported that schools like Kentucky and Duke were already on the prowl for the young star.

We’ll have to wait til 2023 to see what Bronny’s college hoop days look like, but in the meantime we’ll settle for catching him on Instagram.

With the half court shot seen round the world—seriously, not even a selfie with FLOTUS has garnered 3 million views and counting for the NBA star—Bronny lit up James’ Instagram with his “lite” work.

“Bronny showing the range post game!! Something lite!!” dad captioned the video. His apprentice was showing off after the Cavs defeated the Miami Heat 114-84. It’s a #JamesGang thing.

We’re just wondering, how long until the apprentice becomes the teacher?

posted on 12/11/2016 by proday
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