Everyone knows the Kobe Bryant the basketball player. His 18 All-Star appearances, five championships and two MVP trophies speak volumes. With Kobe’s latest Nike ad campaign, we might also be getting a glimpse at Kobe the socially conscious activist.


On Tuesday, 8/24 (get it?),  Nike launched an ad campaign called “#MambaMentality,” which features the Laker legend describing what it took for him to be great. In addition to the motivational commercial, Bryant also took to his twitter account to challenge several other athletes and celebrities to specific challenges that involve sports and community.


Here are a few examples of Kobe’s #MambaMentality challenges:


Kobe went as far as handing out a #MambaMentality challenge to rap superstar Kendrick Lamar, who was signed with Reebok but recently inked a new deal to become an ambassador for Nike.

Expect something fire from Kung Fu Kenny…soon.

Judging by Nike’s commercial and the Black Mamba’s tweets, they teamed up to promote positivity and change, something that is a hot movement within the sports world.

Recently, Kobe has been seen tweeting/retweeting posts about Donald Trump, the events in Charlottesville and more:

In 2016, Kobe even sat in on a Black Lives Matter meeting with LAPD and other “actors and activists.”

Oftentimes, athletes struggle to find successful careers or purposes beyond their lives as an athlete. It’s pretty cool to see that Kobe has potentially found his post-NBA calling as some type of motivator/life coach.

Even without the Nike ad campaign, Kobe has always been the one to send motivation to other athletes. The proof is in the pudding with this short video/tweet by ESPN Host Jay Williams:

Who better to get motivation from than arguably the best player in the NBA during his 20-year career.

What’s your #MambaMentality?

posted on 09/02/2017 by devin tucker
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