Coming off of a third consecutive NBA Finals appearance, Kevin Love has been one of the most talked about athletes during the NBA off-season.  Though it may seem that the Cleveland Cavaliers center has always put up impressive numbers, he explains that being at his best has not been easy.

From losing weight to gaining weight, Love has done it all.  As ESPN’s 2017 Body Issue begins to circulate, we take a look back at the player’s feature in 2015.  Though the Olympic gold medalist and NBA All-Star looks natural and comfortable in his skin, he has actually spent years refining his figure and health.


During the player’s transition from UCLA to the NBA, Love focused on shedding pounds to ensure longevity and high-level competition in the league. When the former Timberwolf arrived in Cleveland, he soon realized that he didn’t weigh enough to play effectively in the Cavs system.


With these weight changes, Love tried various diets and programs, but ultimately found success in Dr. Goglia’s G-Plans system. In addition to Love, this program also aids Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Owen Wilson, and Chris Pratt, among others.  Dr. Goglia has been nicknamed the “Nutritionist to the Stars,” but the key to the doctor’s advising technique is personalization, so anyone can utilize his approach.

G-Plans creates a customized metabolic health and nutrition plan based on each individual’s metabolic type.  Though Dr. Goglia’s plans will facilitate weight loss and a leaner physique, the professional seeks to inspire healthy living.


Love says that his daily plan consists of eating eggs, almond butter, and fruit in the morning, grilled chicken, high-iron vegetables, and light carbs for lunch, and fatty fish and additional vegetables for dinner.  Aside from food, Love told GQ that diet success depends on the knowledge and determination of the individual.

Love explained:  “You definitely want to find out what works for you because I think a lot of people get into it for a few weeks and they don’t have these huge gains they expect quickly. But there’s no magic pill or potion that you’re going to take and the weight is going to fly right off. It’s a lifestyle change. For me, it was looking in the mirror and finding that inspiration in how am I going to better myself in order to help my team, help my career… and make sure that I’m doing the right thing as far as healthy living goes. It’s definitely a lifestyle change and something that takes time. I would just say find your motivation. Like with anything in life, find what makes you tick on the health and wellness side because you’ll be a lot better off from a health standpoint, and purely from an aesthetic standpoint, if you put the time in, you’re going to see results.”


If a personal nutritionist is out of reach, we can all at least take away Love’s wise words advising a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

posted on 07/04/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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