The No Fun League strikes again. Players can’t celebrate too much, can’t freely rep the causes that matter to them, and most definitely can’t wear the cleats they see fit.

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The NFL fined yet another player for having the gall to want to express a little personal style on the field. It’s no secret that the league has had it out for the Yeezy cleats since players first donned the stylish gear early in the season. So when “My Cause My Cleats” week came around, Dorial Green-Beckham decided his was the Yeezy Foundation. Of course there is no such thing, but for Green-Beckham it was a good enough opportunity to get to wear those Yeezy 350s he’s had locked away.

Do you blame him? It can’t be easy to have a perfectly crisp $250 pair of Yeezy 350s sitting in your locker with no real chance to wear them. People line up for hours for Yeezy sneaker releases. And if you aren’t lucky enough to snag a pair in the first 30 milliseconds they’re available, then you have to cough up two or three times the cost to get them off a reseller.

Next level. Thank you @adidasfballus and Kanye West

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As an athlete, you win half the battle by getting your hands on Yeezy cleats with ease. The other half is to foot the fine when you decide you actually want to wear them. It cost Green-Beckham a sweet $6,076 to support a fake Yeezy Foundation.

Sometimes the fine feels worth it. This is probably one of those times. Alongside that time Eric Weddle got fined a whopping $10k for watching his daughter perform at the halftime show rather than stay in the locker room with his team. Cause if you can’t wear your own cleats, you darn sure can’t be a supportive dad either.

Earlier in the NFL season it was announced that on Week 13 players would have the chance to rep their favorite charity. The program called “My Cause My Cleats” would be the perfect time to swap the usual cleats with ones that promote the organizations or issues that matter most to players. The only condition was that it be approved by the league in advance.

Well, it seems Philadelphia Eagles player Dorial Green-Beckham didn’t get the memo because he showed up in those infamous Yeezy cleats. So spiffy, yes, but come on, man!

The wide receiver attempted to say it was in the name of the Yeezy Foundation, but there’s no such thing. So he got slapped with the fine attached to this indiscretion: $6,076. To add insult to injury, the NY Daily News dubbed him “jerk of the week” for the stunt.

Other players took the opportunity seriously, like Ezekiel Elliott who encouraged adopting pets, volunteering, and preventing animal cruelty on his cleats. Brandon Marshall took it as a chance to combat the stigma attached to mental health. Jason Witten stood up to domestic violence. DeAndre Hopkins, who earlier in the season had been fined the same amount for wearing the Yeezy cleats, took the “My Cause My Cleats” seriously by wearing ones that say “End Abuse” to support domestic violence victims.

Next level. Thank you @adidasfballus and Kanye West

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posted on 12/17/2016 by kunstar
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