Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson is known to wear a variety of sneakers on the court. During his relatively short NBA career, he’s laced up Kobe Zoom 6’s, Jordan 6’s and 7’s and LeBron 13’s to name a few styles. Off the court, it appears that Clarkson has whittled down his shoe game to one simple pair. Well, at least one style. He’s got to have at least two pairs, right? All jokes aside, Clarkson seems to be in the midst of a fairly serious love affair with his black Canvas Old Skool Vans. Can you blame him?

For hoopers, sneaker style off the court is just as important as sneaker performance on the hardwood. Take a look at any NBA player’s social media and you will most likely see a variety of kicks ranging from Nike to Margiella.

No variety with this guy though. There is an overwhelming (and lightweight obnoxious) amount of evidence that the Lakers player is seriously committed to his Vans. Here are five of the most interesting looks Clarkson has pulled off wearing the white on black classics.


Here we have exhibit A. Clarkson rocking a Supreme quilted jacket and block logo tee, black skinny jeans and Vans during a night out in LA. Can someone get this guy a Vans sponsorship?


Exhibit B. From club to airport, these Vans clearly serve as a great go-to.

Jordan-Clarkson-Saint-Laurent-jacket-Vans-sneakers-640x935Exhibit C. Clarkson also appears to have a thing for varsity jackets, but that is another article for another time.


Exhibit D. The Vans make the outfit that much cooler here. While the camo and Louis Vuitton do plenty for his street style “cred,” any other sneaker would have either made the look too extra or too basic.


Exhibit E. Ok – so Vans at Coachella are kind of an obvious choice, but this is just further evidence that Clarkson stays loyal.

Case closed. If you’re looking to steal Clarkson’s look shop the link bellow:


Old Skool Van


posted on 09/08/2017 by Julia Dearing
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