It’s official! WWE power couple John Cena and Nikki Bella are engaged.

Cena got on one knee after the couple claimed a victory in their first mixed tag team match during WrestleMania 33.

The newly engaged couple went on the “Today” show Monday to spill all the details. Apparently, this proposal has been in the works for over a year. Cena told the “Today” show, a year and a half ago when Bella went under anesthesia for surgery he told her “one day I’m going to marry you.”

A heavily sedated Bella could never recall what he told her that day, but the dots were finally connected during the proposal, she told the “Today” show, and show couldn’t be happier with the way everything went down.

“I never actually would have thought he would have proposed in front of all those people, but that’s home for us,” Bella said. “WWE is our home, it’s where we met, it’s our passion, it’s our life. So for me it was kind of like he’s my prince charming and he’s saying ‘I want her to be my queen.’”

The proposal may have came as a shock to fans of the couple’s E! show “Total Divas.” Cena, who was married once before, said in a 2014 episode he didn’t want to remarry. However, he told the “Today” show that Bella changed him.

“I found the absolute right person,” said Cena when asked what changed his mind. “I found a strong person [who] I consider an inspiration, an equal, somebody who when I’m feeling down picks me up…. It took a person that strong to change my view on life.”

These soul mates have an incredible story and an even better wardrobe. Shop this look from their WWE Hall of Fame appearance:

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