As Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison enters his 14th NFL season, he has taken to special methods to prolong his career.


As reported by ESPN, the two-time Super Bowl champ, five-time Pro Bowl selection, 2008 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and always outspoken (for better or worse) veteran spends about $300,000 annually to keep his body in playing shape.  This budget covers the travel and services of specialists nationwide, including acupuncturists, message therapists, chiropractors, and cupping practitioners.

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The expense, however, is not for nothing.  With Harrison’s formulaic preparation and recovery approach, he can accomplish incredible physical feats of strength.

With an Instagram made up of almost entirely #workoutinspo, here are four favorite James Harrison workout videos.

Sled Push

Pushing 39 plates at 39 years old, Harrison has made moving more than 1,800 pounds humanly possible.

My attempt at 39 plates plus sled… 1,800lbs plus

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Barbell Pelvic Thrusts

Nearly snapping the bar and losing a plate along the way, Harrison performs these pelvic thrusts with with more than 750 pounds (45 pounds for each of the 16 plates, plus the 45-pound bar).

Side Plank

Among all of the crazy, weight-filled workouts on Harrison’s account, this one, featuring him holding a plank, reminds us that sometimes less is more when exercising.

Hand stand side planks

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Medicine Ball Volleyball

Because normal volleyball isn’t enough, Harrison and friends use a medicine ball to increase results and intensity.

Constantly updating his Instagram account with new videos, Harrison recycles his older clips on his YouTube account so that viewers will always have access to his exceptional exercise abilities.


posted on 08/20/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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