A couple years ago Rockets superstar guard James Harden and Trolli partnered to release the  Sour Brite Weird Beards candy to great success. Starting in March Harden and Trolli will drop their next batch of goodies, exclusively at 7-Eleven (wide release in May). The Sour Brite Sneaks candy packs the same fruity goodness as other Trolli gummies, only this time they are in the shape of a sneaker. The limited edition Triple-Double Berry theme, plays off of Harden’s penchant for collecting triple-doubles on the court. The Sneaks even feature a left and right shoe and can actually sit on their soles on a table top.

With an obvious branding opportunity like this, a Harden x adidas x Trolli real world sneaker collab can’t be far away.


posted on 02/13/2018 by branden peters
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