A new streetwear brand wants you to put on for your city and give back at the same time.

Hometeam is a budding athleisure brand repping Providence, Rhode Island, and supporting Social Enterprise Greenhouse, a local business incubator, according to their Indiegogo page.

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The mission: to leverage the unifying power of teams, to foster civic pride and rally people around local economic development.

Hometown, founded by Venture for America fellow Alyssa Gill, sells sports-inspired merchandise creating a team feel around a city.

“My passion for cities and the organizations that help grow their economies led me to the idea for Hometeam,” Gill said on her page.

The brand will sell beanies, t-shirts, baseball henleys and more repping Providence, or PVD.


“They are literally putting their city on their back,” Gill said in a promotional video.

She has the goal of raising $5,000 by the end of March to launch in Providence, which will just be the brand’s first stop. They hope to expand to more cities in the Fall of 2017.


By supporting Hometeam, you also support the entrepreneurs in Social Enterprise Greenhouse, who solely focus on mission-driven businesses. Ten percent of the money raised will go specifically to the health and wellness entrepreneurs at the hub. In return, donors will be the first to receive merchandise.


Gill recognizes there is a lot of risk in investing in a first time entrepreneur, but she is committed to delivering the best product possible. Click here to donate. 

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posted on 03/07/2017 by Jenna Milliner-Waddell
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