Halo Sport may look like just another pair of headphones, but they are so much more.

The device goes right over the head like over-the-ear headphones, and does play music, but the foam spikes sending electric pulses to the brain is what sets it apart, and what  has caught the attention of  NFL players. Screenshot 2017-02-14 21.54.14

This recent invention in wearable fitness tech, uses neuropriming technology to send electric pulses to the motor cortex, which controls the body’s muscles, according to CNN.  The effect? Exciting neurons boosts the effectiveness of a workout, and makes the brain learn quicker and achieve results faster, Wareable says.

“Across the board, I’m more explosive in my movements since using Halo Sport,” Cleveland Browns middle linebacker Demario Davis said on the Halo Neuroscience website.

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Demario Davis Source:

Davis’ teammate Gabe Ikard, Oakland Raiders’ T.J. Carrie and Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones are also using this to make their workouts more effective.

So how does it work exactly? After pairing the headphones with an app on your phone, wet the foam-covered electrodes and snap them into the headset. Next, set a neuropriming rate from 1-10 and the tingling sensation will last for 20 minutes. The website suggests using it during or before your warmup. The effects will last for one hour.

The Halo Neuroscience co-founders Daniel Chao and Brett Wingeier previously worked at a company developing a neurostimulation device to treat epilepsy patients, according to CNN. They are proud of the results pro athletes have received from Halo Sport, particularly the U.S. Ski Team.

“Ski jumpers who trained with Halo Sport improved their “jump force” by 31 percent compared with an 18 percent increase in a control group that did the same training without the device,” CNN reports.

Interested in training like pros? The Halo Sport System will run you $749.

posted on 02/15/2017 by Jenna Milliner-Waddell
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