After facing Conor McGregor in one of boxing’s most anticipated and lucrative fights, Floyd Mayweather improved to an unprecedented 50-0 professional record. Though Mayweather is a lifelong boxer who walks around in boxing shape, he emerged from retirement to take on McGregor. After being inactive for nearly two years, Mayweather had to followed a strict training schedule to achieve peak fitness levels and return to dominance in the ring.

floyd_mayweather_1387530cTo prepare, Mayweather embarked on a 10-week reactivation camp.

“Mayweather will be trying to reactivate his muscle memory as well as any dormant nerve impulses and his instinctive responses”, professional boxing trainer Terry Chapendama told The Telegraph. “That’s why when fighters retire they tell you they realized in camp they didn’t have it anymore: they couldn’t reactivate what they used to have at their peak.”

file_172517_1_mayweather_workout_resizedMayweather chose a 10-week camp focusing on conditioning, strength and technique, with two rest days each week.  Taking a look at what a typical training schedule would look like for the boxer, Chapendama breaks down seven days of Mayweather’s reactivation camp.



Monday mornings kicked off with cardio, including running and jumping rope.  During the day, Mayweather worked on technique with a trainer and boxing bag.  The evening session focused on strength training through basic exercises like sit-ups and pull-ups.



Tuesday allowed Mayweather’s muscles to rest, using swimming as a means of impact-free cardio.  The second round of workouts entailed more technique and strength training, often including circuit work.



Though workout intensity eased by Wednesday, technique and strength were still key focuses for morning training sessions.  On Wednesday evenings Mayweather regularly practiced yoga, an activity that he has used when training for fights in the past.

“Floyd used yoga for his fight against Manny Pacquiao and he’ll use varieties of it for this one especially because, due to his age, he’ll need to work with his connective tissue to minimize the risk of injury,” Chapendama said.

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Finally, a rest day for Mayweather, where he did light conditioning or a quick jog.



After Thursday’s break, Mayweather entered Friday with a Monday mentality.

“He’s had his rest day, he’s refocused, now it’s time to get back to the bread and butter of things,” Chapendama said.

Friday’s activities include a full run, technique exercises with a bag and trainer, and ending with a circuit.



Saturday required studying, as Mayweather spent this day of his week analyzing McGregor’s moves and discovering ways to overcome the UFC fighter’s strengths.



Sunday brought complete physical rest, but required mental exercise.

“On lighter days, all great fighters will do visualization. You’ve done all the hard work now you’re just making sure that everything is bedded in and you’re focused on that first bell,” Chapendama said.

IMG_8825edIf Mayweather’s week of workouts wasn’t enough motivation, he shared his workout playlist of fans so that everyone can exercise like a legendary boxer.

posted on 09/12/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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