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Royce Da 5’9” is not only pound-for-pound one of the best rappers on the planet, he’s also a combat sports aficionado. Royce has experience success and critical acclaim as a solo artist and he’s also sparred with some of the best as one half of Bad Meets Evil alongside Eminem and as one fourth of the super group Slaughterhouse.

The Detroit native has agreed to share his one-of-a-kind take on a few upcoming big fights via This week, Mr. Nickel-Nine shares his thoughts on the middleweight showdown between knockout artist Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (GGG) and Canelo Alvarez. As always, Royce pulls no punches whatsoever when giving his opinion!

I don’t agree with GGG being the favorite in this fight. I think GGG is overrated and I don’t think Canelo gets the credit that he deserves. The only thing that GGG does better than Canelo is, he punches harder. That’s all I will give him. I’m not taking anything away from GGG, he’s a good fighter. I just think Canelo is a great fighter.

I don’t blame GGG for the overhype, he just goes in there and does his job. That’s why I’m still a fan of GGG. However, there are real hardcore boxing fans like myself that can tell when they are trying to create stars. GGG, to me is Ruslan Provodnikov. He got heart, he can punch, he’s very strong but as soon as he gets in there with someone who can expose him, all the ass whippings come after that.


Actually, he’s been exposed already, Danny Jacobs exposed him, Willie “The Mongoose” Monroe Jr. exposed him too, he just couldn’t really punch. If Kell Brook didn’t have a glass face, he could have won their fight. GGG is a great person to push, because the casual fan wants to see knockouts and he’s gonna provide that. Especially against the guys that they are putting him in there with.

I think people who give GGG an advantage are going off of when they sparred years ago and GGG must have got the best of Canelo back then. I can see that happening, because GGG is a good fighter, but you talking about a kid who [has since] got in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

There is nothing like actual experience fighting. Getting in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto and fighters like that, did wonders for Canelo. Even him fighting Amir Khan helped.


When Amir Khan was beating Canelo to the punch before he laid Amir out—you learn from that type of shit. When you have a small cat like that, that’s real fast and slick, you learn from that. He caught Amir Khan and set him up, that wasn’t a lucky punch. He timed him and he set him up. Canelo does not get credit for his boxing ability. I’ve never in my life seen GGG do nothing close to that. All he does is throw hard ass hooks, come straight forward and overpower you.

I’ve always said to myself, if GGG gets in the ring with someone who can box and can punch, his ass is outta there. He’s going to get destroyed. They are really careful with who they match him up with. It’s always been a who could punch but couldn’t box or a guy who can box but couldn’t punch.

His toughest fight was Danny Jacobs by far, and then Lemieux. Those guys got in the ring gun shy against GGG and didn’t even throw the same. They were listening to the media and gave him too much respect. Canelo is not going to give him no respect, he’s going to go in there and treat him like he’s Kirkland or somebody.


I don’t even think GGG is all the way certain that he’s gonna go in there and do to Canelo what he’s been doing to everybody else. You saw uncertainty on his face when he fought Danny Jacobs from round six and beyond. You’ve never seen uncertainty on Floyd Mayweather’s face, but that’s a champion. You didn’t even see uncertainty on Tommy Hearns’ face when Marvin Hagler knocked him out. You saw two people throwing bombs and one of them got caught and that was it.

On Saturday, I’m leaning towards a TKO or decision. If the TKO happens it will be later in the fight. I think Canelo gotta box. He has to counter and stay off the ropes and out of the corner. GGG cuts the ring off really well so when he comes in, Canelo has to establish his respect really early. The first couple times they lock up with an exchange, Canelo gotta throw some fire to make GGG uncertain about what he wants to do. From there he has the fight won. If Canelo goes to the body and he counters with conviction like he normally does, I don’t see it going the distance. It all comes down to how well GGG can take a shot and I don’t think nobody can take Canelo’s punches. I don’t think it’s a lot of heavyweights who can just take his punches like that.


If the fight is close, or they knock each other down, people are going to want to see them fight again. Also, If Canelo feels comfortable enough with GGG’s power I can see him putting some stuff to the side and slugging it out with him. Canelo is kind of a warrior like that. If he ends up doing some shit like that, people are definitely going to want to see another fight. We could see a trilogy. I’d pay to see three GGG vs. Canelo fights.















posted on 09/14/2017 by branden peters
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