Royce Da 5’9” is not only pound-for-pound one of the best rappers on the planet, he’s also a combat sports aficionado. Royce has experience success and critical acclaim as a solo artist and he’s also sparred with some of the best as one half of Bad Meets Evil alongside Eminem and as one fourth of the super group Slaughterhouse.


The Detroit native has agreed to share his one-of-a-kind take on a few upcoming big fights via and we couldn’t have picked a better fight for Royce to start with! Check out his honest and entertaining take on this weekend’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor mega fight!

I’ll be here in UK for the two festival shows—Reading and Leeds—but I’m definitely going to watch the fight. I’m going to miss that shit over my dead body. Since we got here, all everybody with the tour party is talking about is how we are gonna watch it. Everybody is running down different scenarios on how we’re going to watch it.  It’s a big deal.

Now, I know boxing a little bit more than the average person. I spent a large portion of my life around a boxing gym. My uncle was a pro fighter. So, I happen to know that the two art forms are so drastically different. People think that they’re so much alike because they kinda look alike. But one, literally, is nothing like the other.

Since both [MMA and boxing] are growing and they’re competitive with each other, the purists are kind of forcing you to pick one or the other, if you’re a fight fan. Then you got the people that are casual fans, who just feel like combat sports are all the same thing.  I’m not a casual fan. I’m a real boxing fan and I’m a real MMA fan but I’m not really a purist, so I don’t feel like both the genres need to be combined. I don’t feel that a boxer can get into an MMA octagon and be successful, no more than I feel like an MMA fighter can get in the ring and be successful.

When I watch Conor McGregor, he’s a great striker. The category I put him in is that “he got hands,” but he can’t box. it’s not because he’s not a boxer, it’s because he can’t box.  He’s not a good boxer. I’ve been in the gym, and I’ve seen guys come in the gym and challenge boxers, and get knocked out. I’ve seen what real boxers do to novices and I don’t feel like this fight is going to be any different.

There is no tool that Conor McGregor has that’s going to work. That’s why I don’t give him a shot.  I mean, it’s always a chance that he could fucking just land something out of the blue and knock Floyd unconscious.  How likely is it?  Very unlikely.  Number one, he throws arm punches. Those shots he was hitting Paulie Malignaggi with and even the shots he throws in the Octagon, they’re not punches using your body. That shot that Floyd took from Shane—Connor McGregor couldn’t throw that fucking shot in a million years.

I think it’s going to take about one round for Floyd to figure him out exactly. I think Conor is going to come out with that weird stance, with his right hand out as his lead hand, in his part-karate stance, part-boxing stance. Floyd’s gonna hook him over the top of that shit a couple of times, he’s gonna jab him to the body a couple of times, he’s gonna check hook him a couple of times coming in, and after he makes Conor miss a couple of times, that’s it. After that, he’s going to stop him whenever he feels like it. It really depends on how Conor’s power feels. Conor’s not going to land shit flush. If Floyd is blocking and rolling and taking shit on the glove, and it feels like a lot of power, Floyd’s going to get him out of there. It could be anywhere between the third and seventh round.

I love Conor, I’m a big Conor fan, but I’m just not giving his ass a chance in that boxing ring with Floyd—or a whole bunch of other boxers. I think, he has such an effect on people that they’re willing to make excuses for him. He’s already setting people up by saying stuff like ‘I’m agreeing to a certain set of rules to keep you alive.’ Floyd is going to talk about how much money he made off the fight. Conor McGregor is going to be a way bigger star, and that’s it. There will be no loser.


I hope this is Floyd’s last fight. What else can he do?  I mean, if anything, maybe the 50th win? He can’t really say that he broke Rocky Marciano’s record by whooping Conor. Maybe that might get him, and maybe he might get the itch and come out of retirement, and fight a monster and really put it on the line.—As Told to Branden Peters





posted on 08/25/2017 by branden peters
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