Sebastian Burton p.k.a Chosen 1, was kicking butt in fighting and sports games on the competitive gaming¬†circuit well before six-figure prize purses and Twitch were in existence. The Stamford, CT product began his career as a teenager, competing on ESPN’s Madden Nation TV show. He would later travel across the country putting in work in tournament after tournament before eventually becoming the best Dead or Alive player in the country.

In addition to dropping various projects as an MC, and starting the God Sounds record label, Burton recently launched Gold Standard Gaming. GSG is a talent agency for competitive eSports players and creatives of all sorts.

With companies investing millions of dollars into leagues and players getting a minuscule portion of the proceeds, Burton’s company exists to level the playing field.

We caught up with the Chosen 1 for on the latest episode of the Proday Show. Take a listen to this informative and entertaining interview with one of the pioneers of the rapidly growing eSports business and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.


posted on 12/01/2017 by branden peters
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