Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi has found a groove on his new team as a playmaker coming out of the backfield. Acquired from Miami before the NFL trade deadline, he’s already made a splash on the squad. He’s also hoping to make a splash in the fashion world with his lifestyle clothing brand YURP.

To jumpstart his line, the U.K. native (Ajayi’s moved with his family to the U.S. at age 7) held a pop-up event in London before the Dolphins/Saints game in October.

His line YURP — which stands for Your Unlocked Raw Power — is mix of jackets, shirts and denim. Mostly wardrobe staple stuff, and exactly that you would expect from a young guy (Ajayi is only 24) starting out. However, there’s enough here to hint at a promising future. Most notably the branding, which features an unlocked padlock in a distressed illustration. It’s just the kind of clever styling that can launch a company into the next level.













Ajayi has talked openly about his post-football career and how he wants to set up a lane in the fashion apparel industry. It’s not surprising at all to hear an athlete discuss their post careers anymore. Concerns over concussions and skeletal damage, coupled with horror stories of guys going broke, have forced athletes to take this matter seriously. Especially in football, where every year a player decides to opt out early as a precaution. If a player is going to leave the game behind, they need a Plan B. Seems smart to start that process as early as possible.

What Ajayi is doing falls right in line with that. By pushing his line in the States and abroad, he’s building buzz for a full product launch in the near future. With the Eagles primed for a Super Bowl run, many eyes will be on the team. Based on his performance so far (168 yards on 15 carries in his first two games) Ajayi will play a major role on the offense. Which means of course, plenty of chances to show of his brand. Should be interesting to see how far his back-up plan goes.


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posted on 11/21/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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