Since it launched in 1994, DreamHack has become the largest digital festival of its kind. For only the third time in its history the Sweden born event touched U.S. shores this past weekend with DreamHack Atlanta.

The festival represents a meeting place for gamers as well as activities such as Cosplay and DreamExpo. It also features ten different world-class eSports tournaments like the Halo Championship Series and Injustice 2.¬†With eSports being a large part of the event we’ll breakdown a couple of the major storylines from the action:

H1Z1 Makes DreamHack Debut

For the first time DreamHack hosted the H1Z1 Elite Series for a single-elimination tournament surrounding the arena shooter game,¬†H1Z1¬ģ: King of the Kill¬ģ.

Winner of the solo tournament,¬†Chris Sexton (known as ‘sweetdreams‘), overcame a slow start in the first of three games. Five kills in game two sent Sexton to the finals where his conservative¬†approach paid off. He took home a “modest” $25,000 for his efforts (I need to start playing H1Z1).

Counter Logic Gaming prevailed in the team competition, edging out Luminosity for the title. It was by a fair margin too (403,920 to 354,460) as four of five team members remained at the conclusion of the action.

You can check out an interview with the champions here:

Halo Championship Series Draws Big Crowd, Splyce Wins

If you don’t know what Halo is then I hope that the rock you’re living under is comfortable.¬†The always-popular game was showcased in Atlanta and proved to be popular as ever:

After all was said and done on Sunday evening¬†the gamers from Splyce took¬†home the trophy. They weren’t necessarily considered the favorites going in as OpTic Gaming, the two-time world champions, posed a major threat.

That threat was very real early on in the finals as OpTic sprinted out of the gate with a 100-36 win over Splyce at Plaza Strongholds. From there the series went back-and-forth with the teams each earning a pair of victories.

Splyce grabbed the fifth game at Truth Slayer before eventually sealing the deal in game six:

Want to attend DreamHack in 2018? You might have to hop on a plane as the event will be held June 16-19 in Elmia, Sweden.

posted on 07/25/2017 by Logan Bradley
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