After three straight NBA Finals appearances and two NBA Championship titles, the Golden State Warriors seem to have the keys to success. Though many factors contribute to a winning team, such as players, coaches, and even some luck, hard work and strict, physical training are practical aspects of a championship formula that never change.

Though well into the NBA offseason, Warriors’ power forward Draymond Green stays in top shape partially because of his preferred method of training: spinning.

As told by, Green has shown an interest in utilizing the stationary bike since joining the Warriors in 2012. During the beginning of Green’s tenure with the team, Golden State personnel began noting the disappearance of bikes from the training room. It was soon discovered that Green was moving the machines into the sauna for an intensified workout. Despite the damage that the sauna’s heat and moisture was doing to the equipment, the Warriors allowed Green to continue his makeshift spin class.

Little did the player know, a high-intensity stationary bike workout existed in the spin classes at SoulCycle.  To, as one can assume, the training staff’s relief, Green took his spinning fascination to a SoulCycle studio in the Bay Area,  and was soon joined by his teammates who sought to share the biking benefits.

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Spinning provides multiple advantages to those looking to diversify or intensify their workouts:

  • Calorie-burning – Spinning can burn up to 600 calories an hour, a New York Medical College doctor told
  • Increased endurance – Even in developed athletes, spinning helped increase an individual’s endurance by improving heart and lung capacity, a Penn State University kinesiology professor reported in the same article.
  • Low impact – Whether it’s an elite athlete looking for an intense workout with a low risk of injury, or it’s an older adult with weaker muscles and joints wanting a safe cardio option, spinning serves as an ideal exercise to avoid excessive bodily strain.

The next time you go to a spin class–especially at SoulCycle–don’t be surprised if you see the reigning Defensive Player of the Year pedaling right next to you.

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posted on 07/23/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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