It’s the WAGS season finale, and wedding bells are ringing for Ashley and Phil!

Before the wedding festivities begin, however, we have to catch up with the other WAGS. Darnell is still seeing “BF Darnell,” and things seem to be going really well! All the girls are happy that she has finally found someone. Hencha told Metisha about Darnell’s new boy but… Metisha announces that she used to date Darnell’s Darnell. She doesn’t want to let Darnell know though, and instead talks to Hencha and Faven about their past relationship. Of course, Darnell is not happy when she finds out, so the tension heading into Ashley’s wedding is running high. Eventually, Metisha and Darnell are able to put aside their problems, and Metisha admits that she could learn a thing or two from Darnell’s new relationship. (10)

The squad descends on Curacao to prep for Ashley’s wedding, and Ashley decides to treat her mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law to a spa day. But, it’s definitely not as relaxing as Ashley hoped! Phil’s mom tells Ashley that she and Phil shouldn’t plan on having any more kids and all hell breaks loose. Ashley and Ms. Phyllis have it out in the spa, but they still have to keep it cordial for the rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony! Ashley confides in Darnell and vows to focus on her big day instead of worrying about the drama with Ms. Phyllis.

Ashley and Phil finally get married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Ashley’s dress looks bomb, of course, and Phil is rocking a sweet, silver embroidered blazer. Ashley also changes into a second dress for the wedding reception, where Darnell catches the bride’s bouquet and makes sure to let her new beau know!

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Meanwhile, while one couple ties the knot, another’s is unraveling. While in Curacao, Kayla tells Faven that she and Eric have separated for the time being. He is travelling down to Curacao for the wedding, but Kayla is unsure if the couple can still make their marriage work. Things are obviously awkward between Kayla and Eric, and Eric even tries to hit on Metisha while the group is hanging out before the wedding! Kayla’s girls rally around her and try to piece Kayla’s relationship back together. However, the wedding seems to be the final straw for Kayla and Eric since Kayla reveals that she and Eric have now filed for divorce.

This season finale marked huge changes in the lives of the WAGS Miami ladies. At the end of this season, Ashley has finally gotten married and is ready to start her new life with Phil. She overcame the battles with her mother-in-law and was able to find her happily ever after. Darnell is a different person compared to the end of last season. She has regained her confidence and got herself a new man. However, she is still the strong, caring woman who keeps this WAG family in tact. Newbie Kayla came into the season looking like the perfect WAG with the happy marriage. However, this episode showed the cracks in Kayla’s “perfect” life and helped her learn to lean on her friends when times get tough.

Perhaps the most surprising moment of this episode was Hencha’s positive pregnancy test. After voicing her concern to Darnell that she might be pregnant, Darnell had her take a pregnancy test while they were in Curacao. The test came back positive, but Hencha later revealed that she had miscarried after Ashley’s wedding. The potential pregnancy helped Hencha refocus on her own life and career goals, and hopefully prepare to start a family in the future.

It has been a wild ride this season with these Miami WAGS, but the drama doesn’t stop. WAGS LA returns in November with more action from your favorite queens! Be sure to check back in for updates and recaps right here!

posted on 10/09/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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